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Thank you for your interest in Electric Vehicle Charging.


Toyota and Electrasafe make it easy to choose, order and install your home charger. All work is carried out by expert installers from Electrasafe – and you’ll be supported throughout your installation journey to ensure you can enjoy safe and reliable charging from day one.


The installation itself will be managed by an Electrasafe engineer, and normally takes up to three hours.


Please use this form below to help provide us with key information to allow for us to provide a Charging Solution with price expectations.


As part of the Wells Group of companies, we have a nationwide installation base of domestic and commercial electricians, technicians and field operatives.


With 30 plus years of serving the New Zealand Energy Industry, we pride ourselves on the highest standards of Quality, Safety and Compliance.

EV Charger - Customer Site Assessment 
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Please check the boxes for facilities available at the property
  • How do I use a Home charger?
    Our technician will give you a training session before leaving the house. There will also be a link forwarded to you to watch a video created for you to familiarise yourself which has explanations through the App created to control the charger.
  • What requirements do I need at my property for a home charger?
    Most houses have facility for a maximum load of 63A which is usually sufficient, as long as the household does not have appliances that would draw big loads like underfloor heating, a pottery kiln, a steamroom or a sauna. Should the household have any of these kinds of items there will need to be an assessment done on the house. Having a conversation with a specialist from Electrasafe would be your next step.
  • How long does it take to install a home charger?
    A Standard installation would take around 3hrs with a 1-hour training period after the installation. Should the installation fall outside the parameters set there will be some extra time required. This will be discussed with yourself on site.
  • What happens if I move house?
    With the installation there will be a mounting plate with a cover to make the house EV ready. Should you want to move you can take the Charger with you and replace the charger with a cover plate, Electrasafe would be able to help with this, there will be a small disconnection fee and reinstalled at your new property. An assessment will need to be done on the new property. The old property will then become EV ready for the new owners. However, the EV installation will add value to your property, and it might be worth considering leaving the charger with the house. “Prior to Charger install, if you are a not the owner of your home, it is best to discuss with the property owner any “make good” obligations at the termination of your lease or licence to occupy”
  • Can EV chargers be used outside in the wet weather?
    Yes, the EV car would be able to be charged outside in the wet, as these chargers are IP54 rated complete with all cables in the charger, the car and charger have saftey equipment to ensure safe operation in the weather.
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