Electric Vehicle charging solutions

If you own an Electric Vehicle, congratulations on your great investment.


If you need advice or service in installing a new charging solutions to your property. Let us know and we will assist you with a solution to fit your needs.

We can source a charger from a variety of suppliers at very competitive rates, then install and certify and service as required.

16amp charger

If your after an improved charging experience over your factory provided charge cable, then we can upgrade your charge point to allow for faster charging.

Additional capability such as charge scheduling or EV Charger monitoring services can also be arranged



Let us know what you're thinking and we will work up a cost effective and practical solution for your needs. 


32amp charger and above

Custom design solutions, for commercial or industrial applications of Electric Vehicle charging or inspection can also be assisted with.

Design Plan and project management & switchboard fabrication through our partners www.wells.co.nz give us a national footprint for EV charging solutions.